Red roses signify love and beauty the world over. Poets write about them, writers write prose about them, and people express love by giving each other red roses. Though many people believe that red roses can only be a symbol of romantic love, there are almost as many who strongly feel that red roses can be given to any loved one.

They could be given to a sibling, a parent, a friend, a family who has just moved into the neighborhood and needs to be welcomed with affection, and of course, a lover. A bride can carry them on her wedding day or by a soul mate on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes, people find it difficult to choose between a red rose, a red rose bouquet, long stem red roses and dark red roses. They wonder about what can be called ‘rose etiquette’. These are unwritten ‘rose norms’ that traditionalists like to follow. According to these, single roses are meant to express liking, rather than love, bouquets speak volumes about love, long stem roses are for those who have a marked style and exude elegance, and dark red roses express the language of passion and longing.

Many people also wonder why the magic of the red rose surpasses those of other flowers, if at all it does. They wonder why several people who set out to buy other flowers end up buying red roses. The answer lies in the universal appeal of the red rose that stands out because of its remarkable beauty and character even in a crowd of lovely lilies, merry carnations, cute tulips, pretty orchids and attractive roses of all colors other than red. The red rose is enchanting, mesmerizing and enigmatic.

It is no surprise, therefore, that no matter where it is placed, and in what kind of vase it is decorated, it announces its presence with panache. It is virtually impossible to miss a red rose in an office, a mall, a home, and a hotel, in the hands of a bride or pinned to the lapel of a statesman. If a lady crossed a busy street with even a single rose in her hand on Valentine’s Day, heads turn to notice.

In fact, the timeless symbolism of the red rose is the reason behind its presence on greeting cards for all kinds of occasions. The red rose brings people closer and takes the expression of liking, love, elegance and passion to a level that transcends language. (Source)


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